Its Not Your Daddy’s War

this ain't your daddy's war:
on the anniversary
of dropping the bomb

in august, i dropped the fat man on nagasaki
because the cloud cover
was too thick on kokura
where it was supposed to go
and i had to do something with it
and the president says it will save lives

then i turned my daddy over in his grave
and asked him if that one was his
and he says my grampa
said the same thing to him
back in the old country
when war used to be about honor

my grandson is learning to talk
i had a dream about him
he says, "gramps, it's mine.
mine." and he took it from me
i told him he didn't understand
"go back to sleep." i kissed him on the cheek

there is only one man
and he is everyMan
there's only one war
and it is everyWar
there's only one bomb
and it is everyBomb

requiescat in pace

so he said

Copyright: © Robert E. Young